1. Lämmchen

    What movie kept you up the rest of the night?

    What really messed with your mind so much that it kept you up the rest of the night? Some movies I'll replay in my head before sleeping because I'm trying to work out the little things I didn't understand or I try to re-work it because I think the characters SHOULD have done something else...
  2. Lämmchen

    Weirdest food you've tried?

    What's the weirdest food you've tried? I think weird depends on your culture because some people think eating bugs is a staple while others think it's gross. But what do you personally think is weird but went ahead and gave it a shot?
  3. 22_22

    Thoughts on documentaries?

    I think documentaries are great. They have a range of different styles, whether it be history, sport or so forth. I myself really enjoy sports documentaries, which I am grateful to Netflix for, as they have multiple different ones. That is where I watched Sunderland til I die' which follows the...
  4. Nagato

    I don't like numbers in username but... I do like numbers....

    I hate numbers in usernames / display names because to me, I don't see the username as being unique. But I really like Sr., Jr. II, & III, ect. II, III, ect is the real world version of having numbers in your name, making your name unoriginal or uncreative. And yet, for some reason I still like it.
  5. _B_

    Do you claim the free games on epic games launcher?

    So, those who use Epic Games Launcher will know that they have been giving free games every Thursday. I have been claiming the majority of them (I have forgotten some weeks). Even the games that I reckon I won't play. Anyone else claim the games? There have been some really good ones like...
  6. Nagato

    Do you use a password manager?

    Do you use a password manager? I've used Lastpass, Bitwarden, & 1Password. 1Password has been the best so far but it's not cheap. So I think I only used it for a year.
  7. Nagato

    Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony ft. Lacey Sturm

    I’ve know about this band for a long time but never really listened to the band. The above song is really good, though. Anyone like this band?
  8. Nagato

    Numbers on MacOS is amazing.

    So, I'm not American, but it's really cool that I can get Apple's stock price via a formula and than convert the amount into my currency. I know this is simple and can be done in other programs, but nonetheless it's really cool. Now, I want to be able to multiple the converted amount by ounces...
  9. Laifot

    The Collecting Thread

    Do you fancy collecting something? I do collect Adidas 80s Basketball Shoes (excepting the Shell models) starting from: Conductors, Forums, Top Tens, Rivalry, Americana, Phantom, Association and the Made in France shoes that are mixes between Rivalry and Top Tens. Share with us :)
  10. Nagato

    What's your favourite instrument?

    What's your favourite instrument? I really like the violin but I don't think anything will happen any time soon.
  11. Jason

    Anyone still play in PS2?

    Do anyone here still play using PS2? I own the Slim PS2 version and i haven't upgraded my console till now. I love Here Comes the Pain game in PS2 and i play it occasionally.
  12. Abizaga

    Game Modding

    I wonder how many of you guys are into making game mods? If you do, what game?
  13. Lord Saru

    Constitutional studies

    No countries in the world, as far as I know, teaches their students about their own constitution and their own government models. I am not sire why this is so, but I personally believe that it is because the intepretations, meanings and context changes with each article and its not right to...
  14. Final Fantasy, anyone?

    I’ve just downloaded this morning the full and free mobile game “Final Fantasy” and I’m in love with it. I have Final Fantasy IV and V on my GBA and Wii too. Although I prefer the fully free mobile game. Been into it since this morning.
  15. Nagato

    China Demands IP Theft From Citizens Abroad - Episode #26

    Really good podcast. Around 1:10:00 is really interesting.
  16. Demon_skeith

    Game you really want to play from the retro days?

    Let's say... from the PS2/PSP/GC/GB/Xbox era and before, what games do you really want to play that you missed or just want to replay to hopefully experience the same great gameplay you had before? And would you play it on some ported modern console day or want to get the old console it came out on?
  17. Lämmchen

    Movie better than book?

    Is there a movie that you found to be better than the book? I have always been an avid reader until recently and now prefer to watch movies instead of reading the books. I did read the Harry Potter books and saw all the movies multiple times and at first I thought I loved the books more but...
  18. Tetris

    Anyone love Tetris as much as I do?
  19. Sir Twisted

    Childhood favourites?

    I was just wondering what everyone's favourite childhood movies are?something that captivated you when you were a lot younger something that made you sat on your chair awaiting the next scene! A lot of movies I like when I was younger where movies such as Toy Story, I also really like Toy...
  20. Lämmchen

    My Art

    I have been a portrait artist for over 20 years and even though I haven't been doing it as a business for the last 6 years I still like creating pieces as gifts for family. Here are some samples of my work: