1. ZandraJoi

    Do you believe in life on other planets?

    With billions of planets just in our own Milky Way Galaxy, not to mention many other galaxies with their own supply of planets, you have to think there is life out there. We also have to step out of our thinking that ‘life’ may not be what WE look or act like. It’s mind-boggling the various...
  2. Empire

    Other Advertising Techniques

    So, while I'm posting and reading around the forum I was seeing that if there were other networks that offer good payment options with a better outcome then to Adsense. I have been with Adsense for six years, however, till and as of today I only had $120 ;( I made a post stating that what...
  3. Empire

    The King Is Here! XD

    Good afternoon to you wherever you are, maybe it's morning for you are reading this. Anyway, I'm empire who likes to game, well in fact who runs a gaming site myself but other than that I do like going around reading and getting involved in other communities, I thought I join and see what's Mind...
  4. Mr. Cream

    I want views on twitch

    So im here to rant about it. I have been banned so much came back and still continue through the struggle. I have a lot of content to chare and entertain with come and you may see me @ my twitch link is in my signature but im pissed that I have 3.3k followers yet no chatters or viewers half of...
  5. Mr. Cream

    Alt-Tech Sites

    What are some sites you know of to compete wwith twitch, youtube, facebook, twitter? I know theres Minds, Parler, Odyssey, bitchute. What are some others name what you know.
  6. TopSilver

    Browser Extensions

    There's a whole world of browser extensions out there that no one pays attention to. Very little people ever go to the google chrome store or the firefox store and see what type of browser extensions you can get. Other then development tools, and there's a lot. What good browser extensions...
  7. Xyphien


    I'm working on a Creature Collecting game that's much like the one we all know and love. However it's a lot more dark, and has consequences to it. I'd like to get your opinions on it if you wouldn't mind. Unlike other games if you lose in this you're stripped of your Battler status and can no...
  8. Nagato


    The United States for whatever reason uses the MM/DD/YY... why? Why not just make it simple and use what the majority of the world uses? DD/MM/YY.
  9. Nerdface

    Modifying consoles

    By now you've probably noticed that I'm a fan of console modifications.. From the faithful modchip, to modifications such as adding HDMI to retro consoles. It is often frowned upon (and is incredibly sketchy on a legal front), yet there's no denying that modifications can bring a new lease of...
  10. 22_22

    What is the most useful app on your phone?

    A lot of us probably have tens of apps downloaded on our phone, and maybe we don't even use a lot of them? So which one is your favourite or that you find most useful? For me, it is a toss-up between the Premier League app and Google Translate. The former allows me to see Premier League...
  11. TopSilver

    Custom Theme on the Way for the Site

    Hey guys. We have been trying to find our fit recently with themes. The only reason I have been changing the theme is because we still haven't been super busy yet but I'm working on a custom one I'm making with myself. This is by far the most professional one I've ever made and it looks amazing...
  12. 22_22

    Other options to Wordpress?

    I created my blog last year with WordPress which appears a very common thing to do. They have a good free option and I would say it is a great place to start for people wanting to get their words out there. It does exactly what I want it to do so I am happy with it. It is always good to keep an...
  13. JoyFreak

    Who here likes Billie Eilish?

    I'm really into her music. She's fantastic and some of her music is relatable. I can imagine it being relatable to most teens Check out some here music videos below:
  14. twisted_hippie

    Talk about someone you love. It doesn't have to be a significant other :)

    my younger sister is one of my best friends, she gets on my nerves a lot but we are pretty close in age and we normally get along really well. She makes me laugh all the time and she's one of the only people who understand what it's like to live in our house besides our parents. She's super...
  15. TopSilver

    Share with us the most awkward dream you've ever had

    Share 1 or 2 of the most awkward dreams you have ever had in your entire life. What happened in this dream and was it scary or just plain weird. I've had some incredibly weird dreams in the past. One dream I was in a gym somewhere and there were like 80 or so people having a shoot out. I mean...
  16. TopSilver

    We are now Partnered with Gamers101.com

    Gamers101 Yes we have partnered with Camelion on the site to share members across sites or at the very least to make you all aware of what we both have going on. I hope you will go sign up on his site if you are interested in gaming and in particular his community is a marketplace for buying...
  17. Andox88

    Is torture ever acceptable?

    Think about it. Countrys all around the world torture people to get info out of them and some just to do it for fun. but in serious matter is it alright in your opinion? if lives are at stake? loved ones?
  18. Trueprime

    MindPiff is the 8th wonder!

    MindPiff.com is the newest and hottest discussion forum that has hit our planet! Genius name, interesting topics and conversations, it will put your mind in awe. I am glad to be a part of this wonderful community and look forward to seeing this become a sensational hit. Come on folks, let's get...