1. Nerdface

    Do you smoke?

    Given the logos of Mind Piff past and present, I'm quite surprised this hasn't been asked already.. Do you smoke? I don't smoke other than once in a blue moon when I've had a few too many to drink, and I'll only have a cigarette or a joint. I can probably count the instances on one hand..
  2. Jason

    Will you use WoltLab?

    I see forums filled with Hate and cool things about IPB, Xenforo but very less talk about WoltLab. Will you use it for your project or will it be only Xenforo or IPB?
  3. Nagato

    How many bookmarks do you have?

    I don't have many and I try to limit the number of accounts I have. I re-organized the bookmarks, which got me thinking, how many bookmarks do you have?
  4. Alexander.


    Has anybody else used Adobe Dreamweaver before? If so, what sort of programming/scripts/coding projects did you undertake using the tool? This was the first program I used to learn how to code basic HTML/CSS websites; I started with the view mode, and then, as my knowledge grew, I moved onto the...
  5. TopSilver

    Build Outlets

    I saw this on youtube. They are these stores that literally have everything you need to build a computer. Basically an outlet. You walk in, choose from an infinite number of graphics cards, parts, cases, ram sticks... you name it. Then they let you put it together in the store and you pay for...
  6. Nagato

    Do you drink alcohol?

    Do you drink alcohol? Last night wasn't pretty. I decided I was going to drink Jack Daniels from now on but I think I'm going to stop drinking altogether.
  7. Jason

    Anyone still play in PS2?

    Do anyone here still play using PS2? I own the Slim PS2 version and i haven't upgraded my console till now. I love Here Comes the Pain game in PS2 and i play it occasionally.
  8. Abizaga


    So I know alot of you will probably say that today it's garbage.... and I agree lol. However there once was a time it was on top of the industry. Did you guys ever get to use it during the 3.x days? Did you use it after that?
  9. JoyFreak

    The Witcher on Netflix n' Chill

    Who here watched The Witcher on Netflix? Loved this show and cannot wait for the second season. I am a huge The Witcher fan and played the franchise when I wasa kid.
  10. Sir Twisted

    Graphics tablet?

    I was wondering if anyone out there uses Graphics tablets? I got one a while back, but I've never really used it. Gave my GF a shot and she created this awesome Billie Eilish piece.
  11. Mr. Cream

    What would YOU title this?

    I write. You defeat me You defeat me You have no authority yet you hold it over me I cant and I wont let you get away! This time is mine no infraction You seem to be one who cant read between the lines Are you out of your mind? Loose lips sink ships and it seems you been walkin' on water You...
  12. Nagato

    Game of Thrones Season 8 Discussion

    What did you think of the first episode? Jon finally knows something.
  13. Users Name

    Aliens in Media

    Think about it, aliens could probably never be depicted in media properly because most aliens in films are based on animals on Earth in some way shape or form. Additionally, considering that these extraterrestrial creatures can come from other universes, they may have new colours that any...
  14. TopSilver

    How many of you all like fishing and hunting?

    Wondering if you guys like to fish or hunt. I've never been hunting but I have been fishing a ton especially on camping trips. One of the best times I've had is going trout fishing with waders where you actually get in the water. Did this up in Cherokee, NC. Was a good time.