1. TopSilver

    Sites Back Online. Several Organized Sub-Forums Added, FA Icons Added for Each One, A Couple other Small Changes & Prefixes Coming

    As you would have noticed there have only been 3 changes so far. Gaming merged into one section and Devices and Software being added as well as Food & Drink was added before. Here is the run down of the current changes that have happened recently as of 7-20-2021. Two sections have been...
  2. RyCanadian

    Building a gaming room

    I got inspired from watching a lot of youtube videos on people's gaming room setup. Search it up if you want and you'll see how cool some of them have turned their rooms into a gaming room. I want to do the same. I have PC (I plan on getting a new gaming PC sometime in the near future) a...
  3. Nagato

    Anyone like PC gaming?

    I am interested in PC gaming. It would mainly be CoD, though.
  4. CVB115

    Genshin impact

    A thread about the game Genshin Impact. Personally I played for a long time starting from the Klee banner however, I choose to not roll for her. Overall the game designs keep me highly engaged in the game. Starting from its beautiful soundtrack and amazing landscapes to its growing interesting...
  5. Nagato

    I wish I was a PC gamer.

    I only play CoD, so I'd only play multiplayer and the campaign but I wish I had got into pc gaming when I was younger. If I was a pc gamer, I wouldn't want to use a controller. If I can't do that because I'll be a bot basically. I really only play S&D & Cyber Attack, so I'd cripple myself if I...
  6. Empire

    Graphics Card Shortage

    So, with covid and fewer people able to work in one location and also the very high demanding on cards since people are for more at home, and what steam says that 50% more people/users are gaming more than ever. So that means people are going to buy cards, out of stock. Even older gen cards are...
  7. TopSilver

    Gaming merged into 1 section and conjoined with entertainment. 2 New Sections Also added

    2 new sections have been added not counting gaming. Gaming has been conjoined with Entertainment and all the gaming sections have been merged into one. The new sections are "Devices & Software" and "Food & Drink". Relevant threads have been moved to the sections. We had no section for computers...
  8. Mr. Cream

    What one game you played that made you ? your reality

    I have to say Soma was one of them. I mean you could write an essay term paper on it. I wont ruin it for you, but if you have not played it, my gosh go play it. Yes its a bit horroish oh well lol. Also Get Even is a good one as well make you question if we're in a simulation or not
  9. How many hours do you spend on gaming?

    I can only spend about 2 hours. A friend of mine, he can play more than 5 hours per day. For me, that's too much, because, after 2 hours in front of my gaming PC, I am losing my mind :) What about you guys?
  10. JoyFreak

    Post your gaming names here!

    Feel free to post your gaming usernames below! Everyone on MindPiff will be able to see the names listed below. Mine is KingKight92 on PS4. Whats yours?
  11. Sim City

    I love playing Sim City.
  12. Gaming_Kids


    there is a mobile beat game called Voez and I started to get into it, trying to get good and it’s a little hard I’ve done 777k score on Freedom Dive Hard with 6 times speed, I’m getting decent at least.. ya’ll should give it a go (it’s free as well)
  13. CVB115

    Best gaming laptops 2019?

    Hey guys i am back i have some exiting new i got ASUS ROG scar what do you to think of other good laptops out there for other purposes? Gaming laptops that interest me currently is asus rog scar 2 or lenovo legion
  14. JoyFreak

    JoyFreak here!

    Hello, So here is a little about me.. I run my own gaming discussion board. I ran into this by word of mouth and liked the look and feel of it so decided to register and be part of it. I am currently in my final year studying at university. I have interests in gaming, computing and developing...
  15. Gaming_Kids


    Its me Gaming_Kids, same name on discord but with the tag #1967
  16. Noodle

    Ring of Elysium

    This is my favorite game! Does anyone else love this game?
  17. TopSilver

    made a minor section change

    VR has now been merged with mobile and is named Mobile Gaming and VR. Also a new section named General Gaming has been added to cut down on spam and keep the forums clean. Also VR isn't as popular yet so this is a good decision on my part. If someone had a topic that was generalized it could be...
  18. Trueprime

    What is your favorite Gaming PC?

    Hey there community, I am just curious on what everyone's preferred gaming PC brand is. I personally am not too picky as I have used HP, Lenevo,and even Dell. So I just wanted to start this thread and get some insight on what everyone prefers
  19. TopSilver

    YouTuber Channel Listing

    Post your youtube channel here. This is the only place I'm allowing you to post a link to your channel. This is only to keep spam out of the forums and to keep it organized. Here you may post your channel one time. Please do not post it more than once to get attention. For those who have already...
  20. HEY All [\T/]

    Heyo, im just a guy trying to make my way in the digital world. I'm a PC enthusiast, from gaming to hardware, anything can hold my attention when it comes to computers. I stream on twitch almost daily and am looking to post on YouTube as well. Interests: Gaming(duh!), anime and intellectual...