1. Nagato

    Anyone like PC gaming?

    I am interested in PC gaming. It would mainly be CoD, though.
  2. CVB115

    Are you spending your time wisely with games?

    Recently I've gotten busy with school task and personal development and well after countless games that I play I felt like all those hours can be used to sleep or study. As some people spend time in different games either catching up with ranks or their world progress. I spend lots of time...
  3. Empire

    Buying Games, Rejecting them, Costing!

    I have been looking at the games that steam and epic has been offering and while I been reading up about the game, it's got me thinking more than anything that the fact that I reject the game as soon as I look at the cost. I mean I waited for Eco for weeks and waiting to play the game with...
  4. Mr. Cream

    I want views on twitch

    So im here to rant about it. I have been banned so much came back and still continue through the struggle. I have a lot of content to chare and entertain with come and you may see me @ my twitch link is in my signature but im pissed that I have 3.3k followers yet no chatters or viewers half of...
  5. Mr. Cream

    What one game you played that made you ? your reality

    I have to say Soma was one of them. I mean you could write an essay term paper on it. I wont ruin it for you, but if you have not played it, my gosh go play it. Yes its a bit horroish oh well lol. Also Get Even is a good one as well make you question if we're in a simulation or not
  6. Mr. Cream

    Mobile Games

    When i think fo games liek these, i think of what my mother plays and has played for 8 years concescutively non-stop candy crush. Thats not an app or a game thats a drug lol.
  7. Nerdface

    Modifying consoles

    By now you've probably noticed that I'm a fan of console modifications.. From the faithful modchip, to modifications such as adding HDMI to retro consoles. It is often frowned upon (and is incredibly sketchy on a legal front), yet there's no denying that modifications can bring a new lease of...
  8. 22_22

    PSP or DS Lite?

    Gosh, I am 23 years old now and it has been years since I have picked up one of these hand-held devices. Everyone at my school when you could bring your games in, would bring in either one or two of these. Even before the crazy technology times we are living in today, these were way more popular...
  9. 22_22

    What is the most useful app on your phone?

    A lot of us probably have tens of apps downloaded on our phone, and maybe we don't even use a lot of them? So which one is your favourite or that you find most useful? For me, it is a toss-up between the Premier League app and Google Translate. The former allows me to see Premier League...
  10. Nova


    I have been using the GDevelop for making games and also creating small demos for the game. And the thing about the games made out of the gdevelop is that you can export it to the HTML5 and also to the android. So releasing the games to various other platforms has been in mind for years. Have...
  11. Alexander.

    Future of VR Gaming?

    What do you think the future of Virtual Reality Gaming will entail? Is there a possibility that we can enter a world in the first person and experience the 5 senses of surroundings? Is there a limit on how much technology can advance or not?
  12. Alexander.


    Does anybody here still visit Arcades? What have been some of your most favored games to play? It must have been a good few years since I last went to one, but my pick would be the coin slot machines. I never actually made a return, but it's fun going in with a set amount of money and seeing...
  13. Demon_skeith

    Do you own a Switch?

    Anyone here own a Nintendo Switch? Or lucky enough to buy one of late? Or did you get the lesser lite model?
  14. 22_22

    Epic Games Store

    Epic Games Store is a digital store and was released in 2018, by the American video game and software developers 'Epic Games'. I think being English I perhaps had not heard of this site before but I stumbled it onto a few weeks ago. At the time I did not if it was a legitimate website, as they...
  15. _B_

    Do you claim the free games on epic games launcher?

    So, those who use Epic Games Launcher will know that they have been giving free games every Thursday. I have been claiming the majority of them (I have forgotten some weeks). Even the games that I reckon I won't play. Anyone else claim the games? There have been some really good ones like...
  16. Jason

    Anyone still play in PS2?

    Do anyone here still play using PS2? I own the Slim PS2 version and i haven't upgraded my console till now. I love Here Comes the Pain game in PS2 and i play it occasionally.
  17. Abizaga

    Game Modding

    I wonder how many of you guys are into making game mods? If you do, what game?
  18. Nagato


  19. Abizaga

    Favorite childhood game

    This seems an appropriate place for this. What is your favorite childhood game?
  20. Final Fantasy, anyone?

    I’ve just downloaded this morning the full and free mobile game “Final Fantasy” and I’m in love with it. I have Final Fantasy IV and V on my GBA and Wii too. Although I prefer the fully free mobile game. Been into it since this morning.