1. Nerdface

    Modifying consoles

    By now you've probably noticed that I'm a fan of console modifications.. From the faithful modchip, to modifications such as adding HDMI to retro consoles. It is often frowned upon (and is incredibly sketchy on a legal front), yet there's no denying that modifications can bring a new lease of...
  2. Alexander.


    Howdy, all! My name is Alexander on my birth certificate, but I like to be called Alex. I'm 20, live in England, and Single. I came across Mind Piff after being referred by the owner. The forum has many subjects I'm interested in, so I thought I'd sign up.
  3. How many hours do you spend on gaming?

    I can only spend about 2 hours. A friend of mine, he can play more than 5 hours per day. For me, that's too much, because, after 2 hours in front of my gaming PC, I am losing my mind :) What about you guys?
  4. Lord Saru


    Hello there, I am Dr Isaac. I work for the local hospital. In COVID times, things are stressfull here but otherwise we are a happy bunch of people. I have been into forums for quite some time..I believe for around 9 years. I love Harry Potter, Indian and world history, science and technology...
  5. Demon_skeith

    Worn out custom machines

    When you have your custom machine for many many years and ready to build yourself a new one, what do you do with your old rig that has seen its years of use?
  6. Demon_skeith

    Granblue Fantasy

    Anyone here play this mobile game? It's hugely popular over in Japan which you can play an english version of it. I haven't played it myself, but I'm looking at getting into it one of these days.
  7. JoyFreak

    What are doing to keep yourself fit during the lockdown?

    I have been on just dance 2020 on my switch that's helps a lot, what about you?
  8. Creaky

    Hi all

    Found this place when randomly browsing the web and decided to join up. Like what you've done with the theme, looks good.
  9. Nerdface

    An introduction.. to me!

    Hi Brad, and other members of Mind Piff. My name is Andy - glad to be here. I'm 33 (*sigh*), married, have 1 beautiful daughter, and I live in the UK. Although I've never conversed with Brad directly, we've both been around the forum scene for some time! I look forward to chatting with...
  10. PRO Player

    Hi , my name is Alex aka FortniteGod69 , i play fortnite and i can 1v1 anyone , even 1v4 , dont mess with me.
  11. Gaming_Kids


    Its me Gaming_Kids, same name on discord but with the tag #1967
  12. ColoredHacks

    Hello, I am ColoredHacks

    Hello, I am ColoredHacks! I have been a modder of games for almost 5 years now. I mod games like Call of Duty and GTA. I have been pretty successful at it and have been a modder on many of the top gaming sites. I have a range of interest but gaming and music are my top 2 at the moment, The...
  13. Upgrayedd with 2 D's

    Just introducing myself, not really sure what to add but going to poke around and see what's what.
  14. TopSilver

    Anyone ever seen the show Amish Mafia?

    Just wondering. I think the whole show is fake. Wondering what you guys think about the Amish and how they speak a whole different language. Has anyone ever been around real Amish people? Their language looks incredibly hard to understand. I don't think it would be easy to learn it. Anyways if...
  15. Hello everyone.

    Wassup? I am Drewan. Nice to meet you all. I am an student. I love to spend my free time watching anime/movies, reading manga/books, listening to music, playing games and so on. Hopefully I will make some friends here. The community seems friendly. So, why not. See ya around! ;)
  16. Mr. Cream

    If you could clear your name...

    In a situation where you have been misunderstood, or heard wrong, or matter of fact the whole story was not heard, someone just got mad and hated, blocked you or whatever, Would you try to make amends?
  17. TopSilver

    What's your stack of choice?

    Post what you develop in or program in below. Also do you prefer back-end or front-end. I myself am a front-end web developer and are still learning the ropes to back-end syntax however I hope to learn a lot soon. Currently studying php and mysql as well as some javascript and jquery but still...
  18. Kalon101

    UFO Stories

    Has any1 else seen a ufo? I sure have!