1. Nagato

    Anyone use a rice cooker?

    Anyone use a rice cooker?
  2. Nagato

    Anyone fast?

    Does anyone do intermittent fasting? I've been doing intermittent fasting for awhile now. As of today, I have decided to try 16-20 hours of fasting almost every day. I have an hour left before my 20 hour fast is completed.
  3. Nagato

    Anyone Tried True Tea?

    Anyone Tried True Tea? True tea is any tea that comes from Camellia sinensis. White tea Green tea Oolong tea Black tea Pu-erh tea I recently bought Silver Needle, a white tea.
  4. Thomasss

    Grand Theft Auto 6?

    Does anyone else play GTA, or should I say, anyone excited for Rockstar to release the new GTA that is rumored to be announced this year? Take a look at the article: I'm quite excited for...
  5. Anyone still browse around

    Anyone still browsing on
  6. TopSilver

    Has anyone ever played the pokemon trading card game online for PC? It's free

    I was wondering if anyone ever played this game. I have been having a blast especially with the release of sword and shield. I always played pokemon tcg back as a child but I grew out of that and didn't want to play with real cards because to me that's a bit going to far. I found a hidden...
  7. Nagato

    Anyone like AmaLee?

    Does anyone like a cover artist called AmaLee?
  8. Nagato

    Has anyone had a Lucid Dream before?

    Has anyone had a Lucid Dream before?
  9. Nagato

    Does anyone use Apple News?

    Does anyone use Apple News?
  10. TopSilver

    Has anyone ever seen the show Heroes?

    Anyone ever seen Heroes? It's on Hulu. Not on Netflix that I've seen but may be not sure as I haven't checked in a while. Heroes is about a group of teens and adults that have special unique abilities -> powers. They are a group of youth chosen to possess these abilities. A lot of it is out of...
  11. TopSilver

    How many of you have seen the show the Originals?

    Was wondering if anyone has ever seen this show called the Originals? It's a vampire/werewolf show that's on netflix. And it's one of the most interesting shows I've ever watched. I haven't watched it in a while but when I first moved into my new house I watched it a ton. It's about the...
  12. Nagato

    Anyone use Reddit?

    Does anyone use Reddit?
  13. TopSilver

    Random poll. Channel 13 or Channel 17?

    This is not a spam thread because I'm interested in seeing what you guys vote for. I go a long ways back with this type of deal and would like to know if anyone prefers 17 over 13. Doesn't make much sense to some of you but there's an interesting theory that if you turn your TV to static on...
  14. TopSilver

    Ed and Lorraine Warren

    Anyone ever heard of these 2? They are famous demonologist that have dealt with some of the most paranormal areas on the planet. They have gone into countless homes and areas known to be haunted to catch recordings of spiritual activity and try and detect the presence of anything that might be...
  15. TopSilver

    Betty and Barny Hill

    Yes the saddest story where betty and barny hill get abducted by a spacecraft. Take some guesses at what those aliens did to them. The story goes they couldn't remember exiting their vehicle but re-appeared and hours had gone by without any explanation as to why. I sort of poke jokes at this...
  16. KFPGOD

    Anyone Excited for season 9 of LoL? :D

    If anyone plays :P, im actually interested,because of new ranking system if anyone can share with me what rank were you and what did u get from first promo Currently i tested it on EUW - season 8 rank gold4 0LP - season 9 after first win i got silver 4 and +74 LP also feel free to add me on...