1. Xyphien

    Radon, a threat no one seems to talk about

    I've personally never heard of Radon, nor has any of my friends. My buddy, who's a lot older than I am said he spent 20 years installing radon vents and then when I put a contract on a home to make sure to get it checked out. What most people don't know is Radon is one of the largest killers...
  2. Jason

    Will you use WoltLab?

    I see forums filled with Hate and cool things about IPB, Xenforo but very less talk about WoltLab. Will you use it for your project or will it be only Xenforo or IPB?
  3. Lämmchen

    Worst Fear About Growing Older?

    What is your worst fear about growing older? I have always been afraid of becoming incapacitated so much that I would be a huge burden on my family. But I remember when my in-laws were alive and their biggest fear was having their minds go. Too bad my mother-in-law got dementia at a very young...
  4. Lämmchen

    What confuses you about Christianity?

    I run a Christian forum and from time to time we get visitors who ask us questions about our beliefs. Is there something about Christianity that absolutely confuses you? Not everything about Christianity can be explained so it makes sense that there can be questions :)
  5. Mr. Cream

    I want views on twitch

    So im here to rant about it. I have been banned so much came back and still continue through the struggle. I have a lot of content to chare and entertain with come and you may see me @ my twitch link is in my signature but im pissed that I have 3.3k followers yet no chatters or viewers half of...
  6. TopSilver

    I am proud to announce we have upgraded Xenforo to 2.2.3 Finally. Couldn't have worked out more perfectly

    The site upgrade went very smoothly. I will save the feature information since we are still a new site but I will say we are racking up on posts and I can only hope it continues. You can read up on the second point conversion changes here on xenforo's official website ->...
  7. Joshi

    India launches world’s largest COVID-19 vaccination drive

  8. 22_22

    People that don't listen to or appreciate new music?

    I really get annoyed by close-minded people and this is no difference when it comes to music taste. I am talking about those people who are 'too cool' to listen to new music or hate when a band changes their sound. I don't know if this happens a lot in other genres but I really like pop-punk but...
  9. Nagato

    Stalin Quote

  10. Nagato

    If you have a Mac, you may like this

    If you have a Mac, you may like this: https://tinyurl.com/y4m8lq6y
  11. 22_22

    Nature walks

    Who here is the outdoorsy type and loves walking in nature? Whether it is a beautiful nature reserve or national park, or simply your local park! It all counts. I just love being outside so I will walk absolutely anywhere. Feel free to share pictures here of walks you have been on throughout...
  12. Nagato

    Do you do anything for yourself when it comes to digital privacy?

    Do you do anything for yourself when it comes to digital privacy?
  13. Laifot

    Dollar bill folding secrets

    I know it's an old topic but what do you think about this?
  14. How many hours do you spend on gaming?

    I can only spend about 2 hours. A friend of mine, he can play more than 5 hours per day. For me, that's too much, because, after 2 hours in front of my gaming PC, I am losing my mind :) What about you guys?
  15. TopSilver

    Why do extremists hate Jews so much?

    I still have a hard time believing why some of these extremist tend to hate the Jewish people. It's never something I can understand and I don't even think it has anything to do with Jesus. The reasoning behind this is far beyond my personal comprehension. Some people will target you if you...
  16. TopSilver

    Is the YouTube Ad-Pocalypse Really Returned?

    Has anyone noticed a ton more ads being shown on YouTube.com in between videos. They've never played this many ads and I think it's something new that's been happening. Some YouTubers were talking about the ad-pocalypse being here because of how many there has been recently. They went from...
  17. Nagato

    Game of thrones should have had a better ending.

    I would have been happy with Danny ruling or at least this but no we get some shit ending.
  18. Nagato

    iOS 14 App Library

    I prefer Apple over Android. However, I have always liked the App Draw / Library on Android. I have wanted this for a long time, and thought it would be cool. Here it is, and it’s everything but cool. I find the App Library annoying because if I don’t have an app on the Home Screen I can...
  19. Laifot

    5,000 posts Reached

    We finally made it, after a lot of work of our beloved admin @TopSilver we reached this number and we hope to get a lof more from now on, everything is going well and as always we'd like your constant support. Toast!
  20. Malcolm

    Display the list of possible rewards in Award Requests forum

    Hello Mind Piff, I really would like to see a notice when in Award Request forum which shows all the awards that you can request for. It would make it so much easier when it comes to picking the one that best fits you.