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  1. RyCanadian

    Anyone take cold showers?

    I take cold showers sometimes but yes they are always so cold lol. I should have a cold shower 3 or 4 times a week.
  2. RyCanadian

    Longest drive in one trip?

    I just drove 5.5 hours today to go camping. What's the longest amount of time you have driven in one sitting? I drove 12 hours before with a few short breaks..If I did that again I would take more breaks along the way.
  3. RyCanadian

    Food you dislike?

    I don't like mashed potatoes unless it has gravy and I don't like tomatoes unless they're cooked...weird right?
  4. RyCanadian

    Why SSD is so important?

    I am probably the same..I mainly use HDD for my games.
  5. RyCanadian

    Delete Reddit account?

    I've never had a Reddit account and probably never will lol.
  6. RyCanadian

    2021 NBA CHAMPS - Milwaukee Bucks!

    Yep its good seeing a small market team win the championships then say a team like Boston.
  7. RyCanadian

    Favourite Android Brand?

    Definitely Samsung for me. I have a Samsung phone and a Samsung TV
  8. RyCanadian

    Poll. Yes or No to the paranormal

    Yes I do. Lots of experiences out there about it and while some thinks life ends afte we die, it really is just beginning.
  9. RyCanadian

    Best Buy now selling Windows 11 featured laptops

    When is Windows 11 coming out?
  10. RyCanadian

    Last Movie Watched?

    The other day I watched Finding Ohana. It's a Netflix original movie that just came out this past January. It's a decent movie, kind of like a National treasure movie feel to it.
  11. RyCanadian

    Almost had to buy a new laptop

    Sounds like you had a tough time with it @Nagato that's never fun.
  12. RyCanadian

    Do you use a password manager?

    Nope I never will. I do it old fashion way just use pen and paper to write my passwords down and keep it in a safe place. I usually remember my passwords anyways, especially the hard ones.
  13. RyCanadian

    2021 NBA CHAMPS - Milwaukee Bucks!

    Congrats to the Milwaukee Bucks who won their first NBA Championship since 1971. They beat the Phoenix Suns last night in a pretty close game.
  14. RyCanadian

    Do you do your own maintence?

    I know how to do basic fixes on my car like windshield fluid, fill the tires with air, etc. For the more serious things i take my car to my friends who is a mechanic and he gives me a good deal.
  15. RyCanadian


    Here the PS5 is still sold out basically everywhere. Good thing my PS4 still works fine
  16. RyCanadian

    Are you a saver or a spender?

    I usually save and I wait until there are sales before I buy something. I have quite a bit of money in my savings account
  17. RyCanadian

    My Names Fait

    Welcome aboard! I am Ryan.
  18. RyCanadian

    Which one is your all time favorite PC game?

    Mine would be Roller Coaster Tycoon. I have been playing that game on and off since I was about 11 years old.
  19. RyCanadian

    Straight outa Texas

    Welcome to CD! Have fun!
  20. RyCanadian

    Do you think you would ever quit gaming?

    Nope I am 35 and still enjoy playing games lol. It's a good hobby. I know guys in their mid fifties thay play games and I hear more and more senior homes are having video game consoles like the wiii u to keep them active.