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  1. Phoenix

    Anyone got an iMac or MacBook Air/Pro?

    Nop, they cost me higher than my salary so i don't think i can ever buy them ( neither in future ). Also i don't like the Mac version i have no use of it
  2. Phoenix

    What are you favourite luxury items?

    A Pillow, i wonder why'd people spend thousand of dollars on a mattress. Just buy a $10 pillow. A quality pillow is more comfortable, better for your neck
  3. Phoenix

    Changing the appearance of Windows?

    Well, i have no interest in the theme/appurtenance but Microsoft has limited this in Win 10 to its own themes but they're limited in what they can change
  4. Phoenix

    Favorite Windows

    Absolutely, Windows 2000 was peak Windows
  5. Phoenix

    Favourite Android Brand?

    Galaxy note 8 : probably the best value premium phone this year.
  6. Phoenix

    How often do you get a new phone?

    I buy a new one every years . Switched last year from my Samsung note 8 to my oneplus
  7. Phoenix

    What is the most useful app on your phone?

    I worked in a office and i use CamScanner for office work/scanning. Its the best app for making the scanned/copy of the document in less time
  8. Phoenix

    What kind of Phone Do You Have?

    Galaxy Note 8. Samsung Galaxy S series contains some very solid all-around phones
  9. Phoenix

    Poll. Yes or No to the paranormal

    Sad to hear, so do you still think there should be a paranormal life after this incidence ?
  10. Phoenix

    Why SSD is so important?

    Great, thanks to share with me i hope i get my all answer from here
  11. Phoenix

    Poll. Yes or No to the paranormal

    Well nothing happen to me in my life so i don't believe in paranormal activities
  12. Phoenix

    Near death experiences?

    I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and I was being transported from one hospital it was the horrible moment
  13. Phoenix

    Hey everybody! Watch this awesome video of Graham Hancock talk about a lost civilisation which could have existed.

    When Randal said "can I interject" everyone went quiet what a boss
  14. Phoenix

    What would you call your own YouTube Channel?

    Depends what you're going to start. If your channel is relate to gaming then you'll make a name which will be relate to the gaming. Like "Gaming Zone" etc
  15. Phoenix

    Why SSD is so important?

    Sorry for the noob question but many people use SSD only for Windows and HDD for storing games, files. Why don't they use SSD for the same purpose ? I am asking because i buildiing a gaming PC and i am completely blank
  16. Phoenix

    Ask the Next Person A Question Game

    After the interview i said thanks, turned and walked into a wall. Which OS you like most Windows or linux
  17. Phoenix

    Last post wins!

    Really?, this never goona end
  18. Phoenix

    Suggest a decent card

    Depends what you're going to do with card. If you're running Graphic then go with radon Card, if you want to gaming then chose the GTX
  19. Phoenix

    2021 NBA CHAMPS - Milwaukee Bucks!

    A bunch of hard working likable players won a hard earned trophy.
  20. Phoenix

    Why SSD is so important?

    So can we use SSD to store games ? I heard its only help to boot fast into Windows so what if we store game on it ?