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  1. zoldos

    How many of you guys have a PS 5?

    I'm not a console gamer, so I'm not going to invest in it. I'd rather use the money to fix my main PC and buy assets for Unity. :D
  2. zoldos

    MSI or ASUS

    I hear MSI is pretty good. My last ASUS motherboard died, :( I can't remember the brand of the replacement, but man, it's awesome!
  3. zoldos

    HP Laptops

    I have an HP Omen i7-9750H gaming laptop. Seems to work great. Runs IUnity gaming engine with less than 2GB ram, and games like Sims 4 etc. run without lag.
  4. zoldos

    My Names Fait

    My name is zoldos, but you may call me z. Welcome to the forum! hehe
  5. zoldos

    huge font in sent forum e-mails!

    Twice now I've received new reply emails. But the font used for the title is huge, so big in fact, that it takes up 3 full pages, then shows the reply. Might want to check it out.
  6. zoldos


    Cool, I'll start using this, as my other affiliates are also buttons, but yours is text. :D
  7. zoldos

    Favorite Animal?

  8. zoldos

    Phone VS PC

    I don't go out of state. hehe Pretty much an at home kind of guy. :)
  9. zoldos

    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    I'm more into arcade style games like racers and fighting. I have however played F19 Stealth Fighter and F15 Strike Eagle II. I haven't played anything recent tho.
  10. zoldos

    Series X or PS5?

    I'm a PC gamer. I've owned a PS3 for a couple years tho but mainly as a streaming media device.
  11. zoldos

    Sound Horizon

    I haven't heard of them either, My g/f likes that stuff tho. Esp. K-pop. hehe
  12. zoldos

    Favorite Animal?

    Definitely cats. I always love having a cat as a familiar.
  13. zoldos

    Do you believe in reincarnation?

    Not sure what you are going on about. I believe in souls and that they can inhabit different bodies.
  14. zoldos

    Free or Premium Software?

    If I know a site will be successful I like to use paid software. Mainly being Xenforo and Sngine. :)
  15. zoldos

    What kind of Phone Do You Have?

    I have an LG Charge X I think it is. We cancelled phone service since we get no signal, but wi-fi still works from our router so we can still access apps and shit and use Vonage for our house phone.
  16. zoldos

    Favorite streaming Plate-forms?

    We use Amazon Fire TV and the million apps it offers. Hulu, Paramount+, Discovery+, and Peacock are the only ones we pay for. Everything else is free with tonnes of selections.
  17. zoldos

    GeForce Now

    I've never tried it. Does it like stream to your HDTV or something? What about controllers?
  18. zoldos

    Mind Piff has now became

    Wow, cool. A lot of new members afterward?
  19. zoldos

    Worst Fear About Growing Older?

    Same here. Not ready to die yet at 46.....
  20. zoldos

    Favorite Windows

    Definitely Windows 10. I have 64 bit Pro and got it free since I own a legitimate Windows 7 license.