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  1. Zack_Puffs

    What size monitor?

    Yup definitely they both these consoles are so neck neck competing with each other, that my friends are confused which console to get. But by bets are on the Ps5 cuz I'm definitely going for the higher fps with 4k
  2. Zack_Puffs

    What size monitor?

    Nah I mostly go on low fps like max 60 so I don't get it. Plus mine is an LED so I have seen any of my monitors ghost since a long time. Especially this one.
  3. Zack_Puffs

    Modified Cars.

    Tesla's are cool too. Imagine adding some sick wheels on a tesla, wide body kit and an awesome custom wrap it'll ve just phenomenal. Like a modified Tesla model s.
  4. Zack_Puffs

    Favorite car

    My favorite all time car is the Toyota Supra turbo. Tune that baby up to a 1000 horsepower and life is good.
  5. Zack_Puffs

    What type of car are you into?

    Old school American muscle, Like the 1970 Dodge Challenger, old school JDM'S like the Turbo Supra, German sleepers like the Mercedes e500 w124 and the BMW e36 they are just love for me and my dream cars for all I care.
  6. Zack_Puffs

    Modified Cars.

    Now I've seen that most of you guys are gamers and might have played some kind of car racing videogame. Like Need foe speed or something. What do you think about real life modified cars like JDM's, Sleepers, Muscle cars. What your favorite modified car? I'll go first I love the Toyota supra a ton.
  7. Zack_Puffs

    Self-Parking Car

    It kinda does help a lot in difficult situations like if there's extra traffic or something..
  8. Zack_Puffs

    Adding storage space to a Laptop

    Dude Definitely go for the upgrade it's cheaper and gets a lot out of an old computer.
  9. Zack_Puffs

    Mouse, Wireless Mouse, Touchpad or ?

    I always go with a wired gaming mouse cuz I don't have to charge it and stuff plus if I'm mobile then I prefer using the touchpad of my laptop.
  10. Zack_Puffs

    What size monitor?

    I found 24 inch best for me. I have 2k benq monitor and it's given me pretty good results.
  11. Zack_Puffs

    HP Laptops

    Hp is okay but their budget laptops are crap. I love the omen and pavilion series I have an omen i7 8th gen H-processor and the thing runs pretty good for me.
  12. Zack_Puffs

    Keyboard Under $100?

    I prefer a keyboard that I can customize or program the RGB lights. But definitely needs to be mechanical. Can't get over the feel of a mechanical keyboard.
  13. Zack_Puffs

    Keyboard Under $100?

    Wait I think I saw the same keyboard in a TikTok and it's pretty cool.
  14. Zack_Puffs

    Black Screen after overlock

    This definitely works. My repair guy told me to do the same thing why I did this to my system on Christmas. Damn it was a saviour.
  15. Zack_Puffs

    Why SSD is so important?

    I agree with you all it's freaking amazing in adding a ton of speed to process stuff. Helps a ton in not having any lag when streaming or 3D designing.
  16. Zack_Puffs

    Anyone take cold showers?

    I take them everyday in all seasons. Helps to get active and the blood flowing a lot. It's best relaxing after a workout.
  17. Zack_Puffs


    It's mostly self motivation for me. Demotivation for me is mostly because of ungratefulness and getting over it is by writing on my journal or looking up my past accomplishments and get back up to get more things done.
  18. Zack_Puffs

    Do you own an air fryer?

    I don't have an air fryer but I do have a pressure frier which makes chicken taste so juicy like KFC. Can't match the flavor but yeah. I do need to know how stuff tastes with an air fryer.
  19. Zack_Puffs

    What made you smile today?

    Waking upto a five star review on a great project.
  20. Zack_Puffs

    Do you have any pets?

    I have a green raw parrot. He's a cool dude. Know a few words. He can say names if you tell them. And he just loves listening to Eminem lol.