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  1. TopSilver

    Favorite Animal?

    What's your favorite animal? I like the Lion. Mainly because it represents strength. Panthers are really cool too. What's your favorite?
  2. TopSilver

    Sound Horizon

    Never heard of them by name but really like the Attack on Titan music from what I remember when watching the first few episodes. You should post an example would be great. Maybe with some Attack on Titan anime mixed in.
  3. TopSilver

    Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Yeah I heard it was a good game but never played it. Apparently has been on the PC for a while but has never released for Xbox. I'll be sure to check it out at some point.
  4. TopSilver

    Free or Premium Software?

    This is a good thread. I actually prefer premium software but if I'm low on money and wanted to start a new project, myBB honestly isn't half that bad. Considering you can transfer everything on the forum to Xenforo 2 later.
  5. TopSilver

    Mind Piff has now became

    @zoldos It's the same site but the majority of the reason behind it is because the site could use a better name and much more, the site has tend fold more traffic and that's a huge reason as well.
  6. TopSilver

    Longest drive in one trip?

    To be honest probably 5 1/2 hours just the same to get to where I'm currently at. Been living in a RV park just temporarily because my mom lost her job. She found a new one though and gets her first paycheck soon so we'll be moving back to a house soon.
  7. TopSilver


    I appreciate the thought @Sincerem it's the best I can do to provide a website. I only hope to provide a place where users can gather and so forth and get to know eachother and simply chat in a organized discussion.
  8. TopSilver

    What anime are you keen to see return?

    I would love for them to make another Dragonball GT and actually air in on TV. That would be incredibly interesting. It was about 9 years or so ago I watched the entire series and I think they should focus on higher super-saiyans like super-saiyan 5 and beyond. They've mainly released several...
  9. TopSilver

    How much censoring should be on the internet?

    Possibly to senor the Internet for kids, I could then be in agreeance with it. I can't see any other reason. But that can usually only be monitored when someone registers for an account, and that can't be used to take away the rights of an individual person. It's just not constitutional.
  10. TopSilver

    Do you prefer physical books or e-books?

    I'm more in agreeance with @Lokyr and I can't understand how people are able to absorb an Ebook unless read on a Kindle device. Even then it would be fairly difficult to stay focused. I prefer physical books as they tend to be best when you can hold it in your hand as @Lokyr said and bookmarking...
  11. TopSilver

    Jetbrains programming language Kotlin?

    Was wondering how it's fairing for them as of recent. They released their own programming language a while back and I haven't heard much about it. Wonder if it's been a lost venture or so. I still think C++ and C# (sharp) are the most usable programming languages but have you heard of Kotlin? Do...
  12. TopSilver

    Adobe Animate

    Are you familiar with Adobe Animate? Is it any good. I was about to buy it for my birthday but felt like since I was just shy of enough to get all the products for a year I would wait. It's almost half the cost of them all. Also how does it fair compared to their video editing software? Is it...
  13. TopSilver

    Have you heard of Word AI? Don't use it. Just wondering if you have heard of it.

    I imagine so and I do absolutely despise bots. Luckily enough Cafe Discussions has a bot denier add-on installed and it's rare they get through. Once in a blue moon if the captcha is disabled one or two might but not as often. I currently disabled captcha because it was so effective. Right now...
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    Some people are into photography in general and even a few make a living off it. It's a hard niche of a job but many females do it for fun. I guess capturing that still moment is like an art. If only we could take pictures of outer space and other planets, it would be much more intriguing. I...
  15. TopSilver

    Has anyone used Fiverr for White-Hat backlinks?

    Yeah this will be a long term venture but we should get a lot of people within about 5-6 months tops. I can see us doing well. Even earlier then that possibly. Just waiting on things to kick in since we were using the domain and now switched to It was indeed a...
  16. TopSilver

    What's your Internet Speed?

    That's still not bad at all. Anytime you've got fiber internet it's got to at least be sort of fast no matter what company it's under. My internet is fast but being throttled.
  17. TopSilver


    Yeah @Alexander. I will honestly say I bet it's quite a pain when users come to your website with adblock enabled. Personally the majority of users don't have adblock so it wouldn't bother me though it does bother some people and they are asked to disable it on some sites.
  18. TopSilver

    HP Laptops

    I wouldn't say their budget laptops are necessarily crap but it could be a lot better. My device sometimes freezes up on browsers and the display isn't as good as some 1600 displays I've had. I really want the 1920 x 1080 display but never was able to afford it. I have an Athlon Gold processor...
  19. TopSilver

    What size monitor?

    60 FPS isn't necessarily low. Some platforms are running a lot of games at 30 FPS even on the Xbox One. At least the Series X and PS5 is mostly 4K at 60-120 FPS. They are claiming games now can run at 120 FPS. Not sure but I do know my D&D Dark Alliance game was so incredibly smoothe so the...
  20. TopSilver

    The El Nino Supercar. Still the Fastest Car in the World

    Was wondering if anyone wanted to see a picture of the fastest car in the entire world outside of nascar. Right here baby. What do you think of this car. It's called the El Nino supercar and it was featured in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit as like the top car in the game. But it is actually a...